Team Piet Raijmakers

Team Piet Raijmakers

Multiple Olympic & World Champion Piet Raijmakers senior transfers his passion, knowledge and skills to his entire team on a daily basis.
With the introduction of a unique talent plan, intended to promote and support recreational sport, Team Piet Raijmakers enables young talents to get the best out of themselves under professional supervision.
The daily coaching and supervision of the international team of top riders serves as an example for many of these young talents worldwide.
Supported by a revolutionary approach in the field of Social Media & communication, the intensive presence at events, the launch of an International lifestyle brand and the connection of National and International business partners provide the capacity to give recreational sport the much needed impulses, whereby the principles of one of the most distinguished equestrian athletes in the Netherlands continue to form the basis:

A close team is stronger than an individual
Take the time to understand each other
Respect and trust each other
Believe in yourself

But most of all,

Do what you do, with love and pleasure


Piet Raijmakers sr.